Our Philosophy

Our firm’s philosophy is to do right by or what is just for our clients and this manifests itself in all aspects of our practice including giving our best efforts to our clients who have entrusted us to handle their matters by tenaciously pursuing all practicable endeavours to secure the best outcome that furthers our clients’ interests. The firm is also a firm advocate in exploring all avenues for our clients to resolve matters in an amicable manner even in the most acrimonious of cases but

will certainly go for the jugular in litigation if necessary.

Professional Profile

Professional, Efficient, Outcome-focused.

We strive to give sound legal advice and strategy to secure the best possible outcome in a timely manner.

Client-centric, we aim to understand our clients’ concerns and accurately present their case in manner that echoes their sentiments.

We seek to handle the matters entrusted to our care in a compassionate and gracious manner.


390 Victoria Street

(The Golden Landmark)

#03-25 Singapore 188061

Areas of Practice

Matrimonial matters in the Family Justice Courts and Syariah Courts, Wills & Probate and Administration, Contractual Disputes (e.g.
tenancy, renovation disputes), Civil Matters and Criminal Matters.

Lawyer’s Profile

Rafidah Wahid

Rafidah is the founder and owner of R.W. Law Practice. Rafidah has represented clients in a diversity of cases in the Singapore High Court, the State Courts, the Family Justice Court and the Syariah Court.

Rafidah’s practice focuses on resolution of her private clients’ disputes. She is well-equipped to deal with various aspects of matrimonial disputes, including contentious divorce proceedings (whether in the Family Justice Courts or the Syariah Court), and proceedings and applications involving custody of children, division of matrimonial assets, maintenance and Personal Protection Orders (PPO). Besides these, Rafidah also regularly advises on other personal legal matters such as drafting of Wills (including Syariah-compliant Wills), Probate and Administration, Lasting Power of Attorney and applications under the Mental Capacity Act and Criminal Defence.

On the civil front, Rafidah is experienced dealing with various types of commercial and contractual disputes, ranging from bankruptcy and insolvency, debt recovery to tenancy disputes.

Patient, friendly and approachable, Rafidah ensures that her services remain affordable, and tailored to cater to the needs of every individual client. She strives tirelessly to resolve her client’s legal problems, and at the same time, acknowledges that it is not just another case in court for her.

Shahirah Nassir

Shahirah is a Legal Associate of R.W. Law Practice. She has represented numerous clients in family divorce cases in both the civil courts and the Syariah Court. She is also experienced in handling maintenance and PPO trials. Shahirah handles the matrimonial matters that has been entrusted to her with a high degree of care and dedication. Ever sensitise to her clients’ interests, Shahirah always strives to ensure that her clients’ needs are met where possible and never fails to approach each case she handles with a measure of compassion and empathy.

She is also well-adept in handling civil disputes from debt recovery, breach of contractual disputes to tenancy disputes. She has also handled enforcement matters. Shahirah was admitted to the Singapore Bar in August 2017 and is currently in her third year of legal practice.